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    JOYWALTZ ACADEMY is the leading music provider at International Schools, Pre-Schools, Primary Schools & Private Clubs. We have proven the effectiveness of our methodology in schools since 2012 , and have received numerous requests from parents to open up private lessons near them.

    In 2018, we brought our classes to our newly-opened studios, homes and other spaces in your neighborhoods! Since 2012, our team of music educators have taught in more than 50 schools and nurtured more than 5,000 children.

    Through our proprietary Pianist Prodigy TM series, we aim to build a strong foundation for student of all ages. Our materials are carefully formulated to fully develop & expand a child’s musical talent & interest. We aim to build a strong foundation for student of all ages through specially curated illustrations, activities and repertoire. We strive to provide enjoyable learning experiences, while at the same time teach proper playing postures and techniques.

    As a social enterprise, JOYWALTZ ACADEMY is also a member of raiSE. We employ people with disabilities, and offer music courses at Voluntary Welfare Organizations at a subsidized rate.