• How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

  • Welcome to Joy Waltz Academy

    Learn Piano the fun and simple way
    • Instilling Love

      Instilling love for piano music at an early age.

    • Foundation

      Learning fun basic piano foundation in a group or individual setting, teaching ABRSM piano skills the most basic enjoyable way.

    • Skills

      Develop self-confidence, teamwork and social skills of our kids

    • Curriculum

      Little Pianist Prodigy proprietary materials are curated with illustrations and musical stories to ease the student into learning piano foundation

  • Learning the piano can be simple and fun as we offer a stimulating environment for children.

    • Full Day Sessions

      We strive to provide enjoyable learning experiences with our proprietary Pianist Prodigy curriculum.

    • Varied Classes

      Group and individual lesson are available depending on the child’s preference

  • Our Classes

    Pianist Prodigy Series
  • Pianist Prodigy Series - We provide classes for children as young as 3 years old

  • The PP series is a bridge between music and movement classes and traditional piano lessons – to kickstart a young child’s musical passion in a fun and engaging way while instilling a strong foundation for them to further their piano learning or even try out other instruments. We strive to provide enjoyable learning experiences with our proprietary Pianist Prodigy curriculum.

    • Little Pianist Prodigy
      Class name
      • 3 - 6
        Years old
      • 4 - 6
        Class size
    • I'm a Pianist Prodigy
      Class name
      • 7 - 12
        Year olds
      • 4 - 6
        Class size
    • ABRSM Graded 1 - 8
      Class name
      • 7 and above
        Years old
      • 1
        Class size
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    • I find that it helps to build his interest in music, his love for music and also his confidence level.

      Nicole, Mum of Lucas and Leonard
    • My child is a little active so this programme helps my child improve.
      He’s willing to sit down to practice his piano and reading skills.

      William, Dad of Jun Rui
    • For both my kids, they are more musically inclined now.
      They catch on tunes especially off the radio very very fast.

      Jad, Dad of Cheyanna and Lucas
    • He has learnt to focus more, he tends to have short attention span.
      I think the piano helps him to focus on things that he needs to finish, like a song.
      He knows that things should be done a certain way.

      Casey, Mom of Tristan
    • Based on what I saw from Rui Teng, she’s able to coordinate both her hands accordingly.
      She’s also able to lean things faster than what she was doing previously.

      Kernis, Mum of Rui Teng
    • It actually trained her to be more systematic.
      She’s practices on her piano everyday because she loves coming to piano lessons.

      Shu Fen, Mum of Felicia